Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction PhotoExpert strategic procurement has proven to be the quickest way to reduce cost. This strategy isn’t a solo strategy but one that requires a true partnership. Through the mutual exchange of information IPACC is capable in identifying significant opportunities to reduce cost. IPACC has been compiling information through mutual exchange since 1999 and has more than 100 years of total consulting experience on staff. This compilation of information is the heart of our successful strategic procurement.

IPACC is also well established within the industry and is responsible for allocating millions of dollars into the packaging community, giving us extra strong buying power. We leverage our buying power to obtain better pricing, lead times and flexibility. IPACC is always the first to get a look at new technology.
Global sourcing is sometimes an effective way to reduce cost. IPACC can help your company determine if global sourcing to low cost countries is worth the compromise in flexibility, quality control and long lead times.