ipacc-bottlesWith over 75 years of diverse industry experience, using specialized manufacturing plants, our team offers solutions designed to look great, perform as promised, and stay within your competitive budgets.

Packaging is the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting your products for distribution, storage, sale, and use – that’s the definition anyway. Starting with the science, IPACC designs and produces packaging that is tough enough to protect, secure to prevent contamination or counterfeit, lightweight to save on freight and handling, or made eco-friendly with low environmental impact by using recycled and sustainable resources. With over 75 years of diverse industry knowledge, our team offers new solutions and at old school prices.

World class design, high end graphics, special effects, and superior quality materials ensure you have access to the latest in package decoration and design. We take the best from across a wide range of manufacturing capabilities and distill it into the right design to catch the eye, making masterpieces one project at a time.

Not only using the latest tech in our own manufacture, but by offering it in the form of automation, IPACC helps clients grow by staying on top of the tech and the trends that lower consumable costs, speed up production, or protect your brand through innovations in security.

Packaging Types

  • Plastic containers
    • Bottles & Tottles
    • Jars
    • Tubes
    • Tubs
    • Caps & Closures
      • Caps
        • Flip Caps
        • Disc Caps
        • Push-Pull
        • Hinged
        • Brush Cap
        • Nail Polish Cap
      • Lids
      • Actuator Pumps
      • Finger Pumps
      • Lotion Pumps
      • Airless Pumps
      • Trigger Sprayers
      • Fine Mist Sprayers
      • Roll-on ball

  • Glass
    • Bottles
    • Jars
    • Vials
    • Roll-on bottle
  • Metal Containers
    • Metal Tins
    • Flasks
    • Cans
    • Tubes
    • Bottles
  • Labels
  • Folding cartons
  • Pouches, Bags, and flexible film
  • Corrugated